The British Columbia Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association represents the Fresh Water Tourist Fishing Industry. We work with others in the public and private sector to protect those areas currently in use and to preserve the wilderness experience in British Columbia for the enjoyment of future generations.

It is an industry lobby group whose members are dedicated to providing a quality outdoor experience for their clients, and to fostering an appreciation of the richness and sensitivity of the natural environment among all users. Rest and renewal is an important part of your experience, and BCFROA members offer a wide variety of other activities. Remember, you don’t have to fish to enjoy the outdoors.

The BCFROA Code of Conduct

Product and Services

  1. Members will provide clean and well-maintained facilities and equipment for the enjoyment of their guests.
  2. Members will endeavor always to provide the highest quality service possible and employ well-trained and courteous staff.
  3. Members will follow proper safety practices at all times and encourage safe practices by their guests appropriate to the outdoor vacation experience.
  4. Members will provide all guests a fair exchange on the Canadian dollar.

Resource Use

  1. Members will adhere to fishing and other outdoor regulations of the Province of British Columbia and provide any necessary information to guests on these regulations. It is the member’s obligation to take appropriate action in the event of violations of resource use regulations.
  2. Members will promote responsible and sustainable use of the resource base.
  3. Members will participate where possible in activities to maintain the resource base, protect and enhance habitat, and provide input to government on resource management.


  1. Members will strive for “truth in marketing” and ensure that the expectations of guests are matched by the product offered. Members will advise guests as to what is expected of them for equipment, clothing, and skill levels.
  2. Members will provide guests with advertised rates and will explain clearly the accommodations, rates and taxes prior to booking.

Association/Members Responsibility

  1. The conduct between and among members will be governed by cooperation and ethical behavior. The Association will encourage professional growth among members and will implement on-going programs to achieve this.
  2. The Association and its members will cooperate with government, and other resource-based tourism industry operators and Associations, in working towards common goals.
  3. To improve our service to the public, the Association and its members will encourage client comment on their experience, both good and bad.

Please address your comments to:

British Columbia Fishing Resort and Outfitters Association
Box 3301
Kamloops, BC Canada
V2C 6B9

Toll-Free: 1.866.374.6836

Tel: (250) 374.6836 Fax: (250) 374.6640

E-Mail: bcfroa@bcfroa.ca